If you prefer well-timed schedule and you offer service and inspection than you can start to use Service module.

  • Open a new entry by clicking on + Add service.
  • Deal, Customer, Event type and Event locations fields are automatically transfered from Header information.
  •  To complete all-inclusive event don't forget to enter Name of event, Event start and Event end, Time of inspection, all-day sign for events lasting whole day. There is an option to Schedule event into a calendar. Use Schedule to calendar entry to display event in calendar.
  • State of event describes the phase of plan - Scheduled, Done, Canceled, Postponed. You can also choose an active worker who is responsible for succesful case closing. Describe the service event in Event description field or upload related file.

  • It is possible to enter a service event into Calendar directly from Customer Order. Click on Schedule to calendar button. You are directed to Calendar menu. There you can see an event table. By clicking to calendar field, it opens new event editor where you can fill all important details about service.