Basic account settings

If you start using one of our premium system editions, this module's options will expand.
The description of these features can be found HERE.
    • Check and fill in Company's basic Information.

    • In the Calendar tab you can set the name of the calendar in which events will be written. You can view the calendar itself in the Calendar menu.

    • If you are registering directly under a particular manufacturer, you can see the manufacturer in the Manufacturers tab.

Connection authorization request means you have to wait for approval.
Connection authorized means that everything is all right and you can use all the products of the manufacturer.
  • If you wish to add another manufacturer, use the Add Manufacturer button. However, first of all, you need to obtain a special code from the manufacturer, which you enter in the Enter manufacturer's code field. You can only work with products of registered and authorized manufacturer.

  • The Products tab shows an overview of products from authorized manufacturers.