In the Inquiries module, the user creates a record of inquiries with the option of turning them into orders.

  1. To create a new inquiry press the + New button in the upper right corner.The inquiry will
    automatically be assigned a number. This number is written as: P/22/xxxxx. „P“ stands for inquiry, then the year 2022 („22“) followed by a five-digit number indicating the order of the inquiry.

  2. Attention!
    If you click outside of the available product window, this window closes.
    To return to selection, use the + Add product button.
  3. A list of products that you can add to your inquiry opens.

  4. Use the Choose button to select the products that your customer wants and inquiries that you want to send to the manufacturer.

  5. Next, fill in all required parameters and click Save. Read the chapter Tips for filling parameters for easier parameter entry.

Repeat this process until your Inquiry is complete. Individual products added to the inquiry will be sorted underneath each other.

Try the Save and Copy button, this button will copy the parameters of the currently entered product to a new product, which you can then edit as needed. This way you can easily create inquiry for different variants of one single product.

There are two buttons at the end of each line in the list of items.
The orange button represents the Edit.
The blue button represents Actions available for the item.

To simplify and speed-up the process of creating inquiries, you can use the Import action found in the. You will receive the import file in *.CSV format from your manufacturer. To be able to use the Import action, the order has to contain at least 1 product. The leftover values, that have not been imported, shall be automatically set to the values of the first product.

If you have filled in all parameters, use the Recalculate button in the upper right corner to calculate your inquiry. The recalculation can be started in the list of products, or in the Recapitulation of inquiry. After pressing the Recalculate button, you do not have to wait for the recalculation to finish, you can continue your work immediately. Once the calculation is complete, you will receive a notification in the upper right corner of the successful completion of the calculation.

Recalculation means that inquiry is recalculated according to the current pricelist. When the recalculation is complete, a notice will appear in the top bar with the calculated price.

Last but not least, it is necessary to return to the request header by clicking on the Back to recapitulation button and to fill in the remaining data such as the required deadline, customer's mark, comment on the request. You can also insert an attachment.

  • Disabled file attachment types are *.exe, *.cmd, *.bat, *.js, *.vbs, *.com, *.ps1.
  • The maximum size of a single file is 20MB.

The attachment you have inserted will be marked with a right arrow. However, the manufacturer also has the option to share the attachment with you, if this happens, the attachment field will show another file marked with a left arrow.

You do not need to confirm or save the data that you have added to the header. These data are saved automatically - the "Saved / Saving" icon at the top left informs you.

After recalculation, other available actions will appear in the top right corner, such as Costs recapitulation, Offer for Customers, Inquire about  items or you can order it right away with Customer order button. You also can edit or delete the request.

    • The Costs Recapitulation button allows you to display cost overview of Inquiry which you can also print afterwards.
    • The Offer for Customer button allows you to assign a inquiry to a specific customer. As soon as you press this button, a new shop will be create where you can set up a business case for selected inquiry.
You can no longer edit the request or order after you send it.
You can only click on the Detail button as the request is locked for read only. However, you can still see Cost recapitulation, Offer for Customers or Make Copy.
  • The Inquire button sends a inquiry to the manufacturer.
  • The Customer order button will allow the inquiry to be Sent Immediately as an order to the manufacturer or Make changes before sending. In this case, the request is copied to the Order module and can be edited as needed. Also, there is no order being sent yet. To order this newly created order, you must press the Order button again.

Status of inquiries:

1. Draft – you created inquiry but it has not been calculated yet.

2. Calculated – the inquiry has been calculated with the Recalculate button.

3. Not recalculated – calculated inquiry has been altered and saved, but it has not been recalculated yet.

4. Sent (for calculation) – you have sent the inquiry to the manufacturer with the Send Inquiry button. Now you are waiting for the manufacturer's reply.

5. Calculation – inquiry is being calculated. You shall be notified after this process is done with a notification in the top right corner.

6. Calculated - Inquiry with price calculation returned from manufacturer. If inquiry is calculated, it can only be ordered or copied and the copy then modified. It is not possible to modify it anymore.

7. Calculation error – if this status of the inquiry appears after the calculation, first check the correctness of the input and the parameters and try again to recalculate the order. If status is still showing a Error during calculation, please contact the manufacturer.

8. Moved to Orders – inquiry that has been turned into the order using the Order button and the Make changes before sending option.

9. Ordered – you have made an order to the manufacturer using the Order button. This inquiry has also become an order.